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Cut through the clutter of too many wine choices by using the Winery Search Tool to create your own A-list of American wineries.  We aggregate tens of thousands of wine reviews from the world’s most respected wine critics to identify the wineries producing the highest rated wine at every price point.  In addition, you can narrow the list based on criteria important to you such as the number of cases produced, use of organic grapes, natural winemaking practices, etc..

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Use the Winery Search Tool to search through thousands of American wineries to find those that provide exactly the things that you think are important. Read winery visitor reviews and AmericanWineryGuide.com staff reviews, compare winery ratings and add wineries to your favorites.  Use the Itinerary Planner to create your own custom wine tasting itinerary.

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Post a winery, wine event or business review to help fellow wine travelers find America’s best wine tasting experiences and wine tourism-related businesses.

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Use the Wine Event Search Tool to find wine tasting events across the country.  Read visitor reviews of the previous year’s event and see who is pouring.  Use AmericanWineryGuide.com’s winery ratings for each event to prioritize your wine tasting.

Find Wine Bars, Restaurants, Wine Shops, Lodging
Eating and sleeping are critical components of any wine tasting adventure!  We provide a nation-wide listing of the best places for wine tourists to eat, sleep, drink and buy.

Use the American Viticultural Area (AVA) map on AmericanWineryGuide.com’s homepage to explore America’s best wine-making regions and the top-rated varieties for each region.

Learn about your favorite varieties, brush up on your wine tasting terms, and browse a categorized list of the best wine education and wine tourism books available.

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