The Vinepair Wine Web Power Index

June 5th, 2014 / Vinepair Staff

The US wine world is always evolving. As our wine culture continues to grow, it seems every day there is a new wine to try or new people looking to learn more. Because, relatively, we are still young and inexperienced when it comes to wine, we decided to look at who was responsible for influencing US wine consumers the most. We wondered: Who is molding the palates of future wine drinkers, and who is responsible for our getting excited about things such as Orange Wine? As we did in December, we present The Wine Web Power Index — our attempt to bring order to the wine voices online as we continue to grow as a community and improve America’s wine culture.

A full description of our methods and reasons for analyzing the sites and writers we chose is provided below the chart. As creators of the index, we chose not to include VinePair in the project.

As we did on the previous release, we used a log scale to visualize our data, as the big players truly exist in a league of their own. Within the upper reaches of the list we can see some interesting traffic trends. Wine Enthusiast and Wine Spectator clearly saw traffic surges in the fourth quarter, due to the holidays, which would account for their better numbers in the previous release of the index. Read More…

Best New Mashups: Week In Review Featuring Google Maps, Twitter and YouTube

October 26th, 2012 / Wendell Santos,

With the weekend upon us, it’s a good time to take a look back at some of the interesting mashups that were submitted to our directory this week. This batch includes an American winery reference guide, movie review service and a live Twitter visualization….  Find your ideal U.S. wineries using visitor reviews, wine ratings, winery amenities and services, and winery location. Create custom iteneraries including wineries, wine events and other wine tourism-related businesses.  Read More…. has just launched its 5-year construction project, Creating an indispensable resource for wine lovers and media

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/

Who Should Care? Anyone who values his or her time should care, that’s who.

There are plenty of wine websites for deciding where to go and what to do; but, none of them pulls it all together like

When Website founder Jim Finley began planning a Napa-Sonoma wine trip for six friends, including himself, he became extremely frustrated. He discovered that there’s not one single site that allows you access to all things possible. He had to go here for this, there for that, and still had to visit more sites to even come close to what he sought. At the end of that process, he still had a lot of unfulfilled needs. Read More… ~ The best resource for wine travel writers

Oct 22, 2012 / Wine Blog “Juicy Tales” – by Jo Diaz

As a wine travel writer, in order to begin your story, what if you had only one website resource that delivers all of the following:

  • A comprehensive list of wineries from all across the U.S.
  • In-depth information about each winery
  • Visitor reviews and ratings about personal experiences at the wineries
  • An indicator of how good the wineries’ wines are, based on the ratings of the most respected wine critics…

Certainly, other third party endorsements of the wine won’t work for you, as far as your own palate goes. However, if you have other wine writers that you respect and have already aligned your palate as being similar with that person’s likes and dislikes, you’ve got more information leading you to one of your favorite, final destination stories.  Read More…. has just launched a 5-year construction project; What’s in it for you?

An indispensable, free resource for your winery and your wine lovers…In partnership with you, this Website is capable of delivering all of the following:

  • Your winery included in a comprehensive list of all U.S. wineries
  • In-depth information about your winery
  • Visitor reviews and ratings about personal experiences at your winery
  • An indicator of how great your winery’s wines are, based on the ratings of the most respected wine critics
  • And, the ability for your fans to add their own recommendations of your wines

What can you do to help your brand?   Read More….