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Langtry Estates & Vineyards is the sole winery in Guenoc Valley, a high temperature, hilly area in south Lake County. Due to the heat, only the best locations are able to grow grapes, and over-ripening can be a problem. What the area lacks in great weather, it makes up for with a long history. In 1886 a British Theatre star, Lillie Langtry, planted grapes in the Guenoc Valley and bottled wines in glass containers bearing her likeness. In 1906, Lillie sold the property and the property was neglected for the next half century. In 1963 Malulani Investments, a Honolulu-based real estate investment and development company, acquired the property and inherited Lillie’s long-neglected Syrah and Petit Verdot vines.

Langtry Estate and Vineyards

Langtry Estate and Vineyards | Middletown, California | Guenoc Valley Wineries

cat-icon 21000 Butts Canyon Rd. Middletown, California 95461